7 Ways to Race Well Even in Bad Weather ...


Even when it is raining hard, snowing, bitter cold or very windy, there are ways to race well. Despite bad weather I have had some of my best race times due to simple preparation and the right mindset to tackle any challenge. If you are mentally prepared to conquer anything and dressed in the right gear, you can perform well in any race. But with my tips on the ways to race well, you can be well on your way to quicker times and a great overall experience.

1. Be Ready

The weather is expected to have 25 mile hour gusts on race day, so what do you do? Well, there is no way to change the weather so be ready to tackle any obstacle and do your best. Be prepared and expect the worst weather so you will be surprised if it is not that bad. Either way, be confident in your preparations because this is one of the best ways to race well.

Pack a Hat
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