Ways to Help Your Feet for Girls Who Love to Run ...


Ways to Help Your Feet for Girls Who Love to Run ...
Ways to Help Your Feet for Girls Who Love to Run ...

Girls who run regularly sure do punish their feet. You are oh so familiar with heel cracks, blisters, calluses, and even ingrown toenails. This is the downside of pounding the pavement but as running has so many great benefits, don’t give up. Just look after your feet.

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Too Much Pedicure

One of the best tips for runners’ feet is to avoid having ‘too good’ of a pedicure, if that makes any sense! A lot of the problems that runners experience with their feet stem from blistering and swelling of sensitive, overworked skin, so when you go for a much deserved pedicure session, keep in mind that some of the calluses you will have developed are there basically as a buffer between your skin and your running shoes. Don’t have them removed; they are there to save you some fresh pain.


Nail Care

It is extremely important that you take great care when cutting or clipping your toenails, especially if you are gearing up to a big running day. Leaving them too long or the very opposite, cutting them too short, can create a breeding ground for bacteria that can work to cause an unwanted fungal infection. And though fungal infections are easy to catch, they can be very disruptive to the habits of a runner.


Good Socks

Investing in a few pairs of high quality, well-fitting socks is the key to avoiding too many painful blisters. Blisters are caused by an overload of friction on a specific part of your foot, so if you have a sock and shoe combination that is snug and supportive, you will find that you have much less trouble with blistering than a pair of thin socks that are too small or too big for your feet!


Bigger Size

If you do a lot of running on a daily basis, then it is a great idea to purchase a pair of running shoes that are actually half a size large than the number that you usually buy for casual shoes. This half a size extra will allow your toes to hit in to the ground without continuously rubbing against the front of the sneaker, therefore posing a much smaller risk of things like fungal infections and blisters.


Air Dry Nails

Bruised, black and loose toenails are all an invisible part of regular running, but one thing you can do to help prevent further issues is to use a hairdryer to dry toenails that are being covered by plasters when you have finished bathing. The last thing you want is for moisture stuck in between toes to cause a fungal infection, and a hair dryer is the best option for ensuring total dryness.


Nail Health

To ensure that your toenails are given the best possible chance at good health and recovery, invest in a good quality serum that will encourage quick regrowth while at the same time arming you against infection and discoloration. They are only small but they can really halt a runner’s progress in their tracks!


Post Race

After a big race, treat your feet in exactly the same way you would treat any other aching part of your body. Plenty of rest, massage and replenishing moisturizing is in order to reward you for your heroic efforts and help to get you back out on the road as soon as possible!

A runner’s feet need extra TLC. Don’t neglect yours!

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