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Have you ever wondered how to calm your pre-race anxiety? You know the jitters, the fear, reluctance and excitement, all spiralling into one as you mentally prepare for your race the next day or even that day. There are so many floods of emotion that you go through, all focused on one race day event. It is amazing how much anxiety a race can cause and all of this is because you care about the outcome and you want to see your training pay off. As I write this article, I am actually using tactics to calm myself because I have a race tomorrow which I am both excited and nervous for. So how do you relax and calm your pre-race anxiety?

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Register in Advance

One easy way to calm your pre-race anxiety is to be prepared. Register for your race in advance, map out directions and be ready for a great race. If you are prepared, you will have one less thing to worry about by avoiding in a long registration line. The less stress, the better.


Pick up Race Packet

To avoid the stress of standing in any lines on race morning, if there is an option to pick up your race packet in advance, choose to do so. This simple step will have you feeling less worried on your race day.


Review the Course and Envision Success

Review the race course and envision success the night before the race. Look at any surges in elevation and be mentally prepared for the race you will run. If you review all of this in advance you will have a better race and be more likely to achieve success. One of the worst things that can happen is not be prepared for monster hills, so check out the elevation so you can train for this and be mentally ready.


Listen to Music

Listening to music can be extremely helpful for the heavy breathing racers or those that tend to psych themselves out by listening to their own labored breathing. Listening to uplifting music can help motivate you and even help you to run faster. So create a fun playlist for your race day and listen to this before your race to calm your pre-race anxiety.


Take a Deep Breath

Take a long deep breath from your diaphragm and just relax. It is tough not to get caught up with all the pre-race anxiety but if you just breathe, you will feel almost instantly better.


Go for a Light Jog

Go for a light jog before the race to warm up your body, lubricate your joints, and have super success in your race. On your light jog, envision the race course, changes in elevation and even turns. Think of your time goal as you cross the finish line. This light half mile or mile jog will help you to calm your pre-race anxiety.



Just a few minutes before the race start it is hard to stress as there is all chaos around you, so close your eyes and meditate. Take a minute or two to envision a quiet, relaxing place. Bring yourself to this distant getaway and then return mentally to have a great race. This short meditation can help you have a personal best running time.

Now that you know how to calm yourself and face your fears race day, relax and have a great race! Do you get nervous before your race?

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