7 Ways to Ace Your First Race ...


As a long time runner running hundreds of races, and as a trainer guiding my clients to do the same, I have an abundance of ways to ace your first race. With proper training and a plan in place, you can have your very best day, racing for fun and fitness. Because I am always ready for new challenges and experiences, racing is one of my favorite passions in life, and I hope you love racing as well. After reading the ways to ace your first race, you may feel like you were born a natural racer too!

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Set out a Schedule

Whether your race is in 4 months or 4 weeks, set out a training schedule that helps prepare you for race day. With proper training you will be prepared for a great race and for this reason, this is one of the best ways to ace your first race!


Find the Best Pre-race Nutrition

Depending on the time and distance of your race event, nutrition can vary widely, but find what works best for you. Some like a bagel or banana while others like myself are sensitive to certain meals, so oatmeal always works before a race. This is essential when running any distance over 10 miles, whereas as for a 5k I am better with just a piece of fruit. Find the best pre-race nutrition that works best for you.


Register for the Right Race

To ace your first race, it is important to register for the right race. You would not want to run a ridiculous hilly and long race for your first race. Start gradually with a rolling or flat course so you can ease into the racing scene.


Hydrate before Your Race

To prepare for your race day drink an extra 2 glasses of water for 3 days prior to race day and on the night before have a glass of coconut water for potassium to regulate your hydration levels. If you are hydrated during your race this will minimize muscle cramping so that you can ace your first race.


Take off the Day before

Do not try a new workout or go for a long run the day before your race. In order to ace your first race your muscles need to be rested and ready to go. So take off the day prior to race day to rest and be ready for a great race day!


Get Plenty of Sleep

Studies have proven again and again that extra shut eye has many major benefits, including a more optimal athletic performance. So aim for 1-2 extra hours of sleep for 3 days before the race. By race day you will feel more energy and be ready to ace your first race.


Warm up and Get Ready for a Great Race

Warm up with a dynamic stretch (stretch in motion) or a short half mile jog and get to the starting line. Take a deep breath and relax because you are all ready to ace your first race. Remember to have fun and push yourself to a great race. You are trained and ready for a great experience.

What race will you ace? If you followed a plan, you will do great. Have fun and put it all out there because you can’t relive today!

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