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7 Ways to Use Running to Completely Change Your Life around ...

By Tara

As a runner for well over a decade and coaching many clients to go the distance I will share with you the many ways that running can change your life. As a mom of three, running helps me to balance my life, have more energy, stay healthy and just feel better. Running can do the exact same for you if you allow it. If you get involved in running events, you will make new friends and have a blast in the process. Running can be life changing in so many ways if you simply allow it to, so embrace change as you go many miles of transformation.

1 Change Your Body Shape

clothing, undergarment, underpants, thigh, briefs,As you run you will notice your body changes. Your legs will be leaner and more defined and you may even begin to see some definition in your core. Enjoy the beauty of your body changes because you created this through your hard work and dedication.

2 Better Your Health

clothing, human positions, sitting, lady, fashion,Running will help to lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and every day sickness. Lacing up your shoes and heading out for a run can help you pass your health markers with flying colors. Want to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol? Then make running a part of your life. This simple choice can transform your life for the better!

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3 Lose Weight

clothing, leg, thigh, long hair, supermodel,Did you know running is one of the highest calorie burning workouts? Burning just over 100 calories per mile, running is a super way to lose weight. You will lean down, look better and have less weight to carry around after going the distance on a regular basis. Just think, every mile is one step closer to your goal weight.

4 Become More Confident

clothing, leg, human positions, footwear, tights,If you want to build your confidence, get stronger, leaner and in better shape by running. Running is a great way to build your self-confidence because as you complete your running workout, you will feel so accomplished. After just running a marathon (26.2 miles) yesterday, I feel strong knowing all I can do with my own two legs and so can you. You do not have to run a marathon, just get out for a run!

5 Feel More Youthful

clothing, swimwear, human positions, beauty, sun tanning,At the age of 35, I often feel confused because my body feels 18. I am strong, lean and have loads of energy because I am a runner. My daily running gives me more energy and an extra spring in my step. As I look around at my peers aging, I am confused because I feel better today than yesterday and so can you by becoming a runner!

6 Meet New Friends

clothing, active undergarment, underpants, undergarment, thigh,There are so many running clubs and racing events, which are all opportunities to make new friends. You can bond because you are all going through the same life experience. You can get to know someone so much better by breaking a sweat together. So make new friends while you run for your life!

7 Have Fun

black, muscle, leg, dress, thigh,Being fit can be so much fun if you allow it to be, so get out for a run and push yourself to health greatness. As you bond with the new people you meet, gain confidence, have more energy and achieve incredible body changes. You will be glad that you chose to pound the pavement, grass or trails and go the distance.

So with the many ways that running can change your life, it is a simple choice to make. So lace up those kicks and get out for a great run! Are you ready to become a runner?

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