7 Ways Running Will Help You Lose Weight ...


How running will help you lose weight might be something of a mystery. There are lots of ways to clear up that mystery, and as someone who’s used running to reach a lot of my own goals, I’d love to tell you all about them! This is how running will help you lose weight, and some of these ways will surprise you, I’m sure. Lace up your running shoes, and let’s go!

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It Burns Calories

Weight loss really, truly is a simple math problem: you have to BURN more calories than you CONSUME. How running will help you lose weight, of course, is that it will help you burn these extra calories. If you weigh 160 pounds, and run at a 5 MPH pace for one hour, you’ll burn more than 600 calories. That’s amazing!


It’s Weight-bearing Exercise

It’s important for women to get in their weight-bearing workouts, and running certainly qualifies! Why is it so important? Because weight-bearing exercise can help you lose weight, yes, but it also helps strengthen your bones, something women need to worry about as we age, and we lose bone density.


It Helps Build Muscle, Which Means?

Let’s talk more about burning calories and doing weight-bearing exercise, shall we? When you do weight-bearing exercise, you’re building lean muscle, and the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn every day, even when you’re at rest! Sweet!


It’s Free

If you’re a girl on a budget, you might be worried about spending loads of money on a gym membership or special equipment to help you get fit and lose weight. Well, aside from the cost of a good pair of running shoes, running is free! Let me stress, though, how important it is to invest in those shoes… which will, after all, cost as little as $40.


It’s Good Stress Relief

When you set out on a weight loss journey, you’re stressed. You’re worried about whether or not you can do it. You’re wondering what people will think. You’re not sure what will happen. Well, running can help relieve that stress by giving you something positive to focus on! The rhythmic footfalls, the metered breathing, the complete lack of distraction – all of this adds up to an oddly relaxing form of exercise.


It’s Vacation-friendly

I know, I know, summer break is coming up, so you’re wondering how you’ll be able to exercise on the go. Again, running works here too! Just pack your running shoes and shorts, and you’re ready to run, no matter where you are. You can be a globe-trotter, literally!


It Will Encourage Healthy Eating

I know it sounds odd, but running will help you lose weight in another way, too… you’ll start eating healthier naturally, because your body will crave the right sort of fuel for your running habit. Chips and ice cream will sound downright icky, and you’ll look at fresh fruits and veggies with much more interest. There will also be that little voice inside your head, asking what you think you’re doing, reaching for that cheesecake… is that really how you want to spend all those calories you just burned?

These are just a few of the ways I know running will help you lose weight, but I’m sure there are more, some of them unique to each runner. Which of these ideas will inspire you to run? Or, if you’re already a runner, do you have any other weight loss-related benefits to share?

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Does running on the threadmil wear out ones knees ???? I love to run but my knee hurts post my workout.

I love running, I zone out to my favourite playlist and just go!!!

So true!! I started running about a year ago and I honestly grew up disliking running until I started training for my first 5k. I feel there is nothin better than waking up and hankering for the daily run!!

Totally agree!!

And they say Gyms: v. expensive for the poor that they can't lose that weight / be healthy like "rich" people. Haha. So long excuses. Exercise = to move your body and not be a lazy slump... Kind of like myself.

I'm taking as a sign that I need to start running after several articles on this app about how running is so beneficial.

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