7 Ways Running Changed My Life and How It Can do the Same for You ...


There are so many ways running changed my life that I cannot imagine my life without this amazing sport. Running is my therapy, to which I turn when I need a dose of meditation. Running is my way of getting a good sweat and really feeling the burn. Running is the way I fit in my clothes and feel confident. And running gives me more energy. These are just a few of the ways running changed my life and it can do the same for you. Here is how:

1. Improved Health

One of the ways running changed my life is by bettering my health. I have been a runner since the young age of 7, but as I got older and increased my running mileage, I noticed I got sick less often. I visited the doctor less frequently, other than for routine check-ups, and I felt better! Running can do the very same for you!

Better Mom
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