7 Ways for Beginners to Run without Walking ...


As a running coach and personal trainer, I have many ways for beginners to run because I have helped thousands of non-runners to become runners, many of whom now even love the sport. Most of these people started out running for weight loss and health reasons but through the training process they found a healthy addiction. These people never would have even guessed their legs could take them so far. And aside from all the physical health benefits (and there are a ton), running offers some solo time to sweat and get in touch with your mind. So how do you get involved in this really cool sport that requires no fancy equipment? Let’s tackle this goal together as I share with you the ways for beginners to run:

1. Start out with a Dynamic Stretch

Dynamic stretching, or stretching in motion, is important to do prior to your run or any workout. Set aside 3-5 minutes for a dynamic stretch so you can lubricate your joints, gradually elevate your heart rate and warm up your body. Your dynamic stretch can consist of jumping jacks, high knees and legs lifts. Stretching is one of the vital ways for beginners to run.

Do the 3-2-1
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