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25 Epic Tips for All the Runners out There ...

By Jennifer

Whether you're just starting out as a runner, or you're days away from your next ultra-marathon, chances are, you could use a tip/trick or two. Here are a few to get you started (or get you through the next mile).

1 Start Slow

Start SlowIf you're just starting out, run a bit, then walk a bit longer, then run a bit more. Gradually increase your running and decrease the walking.

2 Stay Hydrated

Stay HydratedIt's amazing how much you can sweat during a run, so remember to replace those fluids you lost with water.

3 Ban the Tunes

Ban the TunesAt first, you'll need to focus on the rhythm of your feet and breathing, and listening to music can interfere with that.

4 ... then Add Some Tunes

... then Add Some Tunes... but once you've established your rhythm, up-beat music can be an excellent motivator!

5 ...but Only with One Earbud

...but Only with One Earbud... but be sure you can still hear everything that happening around you, so either listen on speaker, or wear only one ear-bud.

6 Support the Girls

Support the GirlsIf you're moderately to very well-endowed on top, you'll want to make sure you have the right support for the girls.

7 Find the Right Shoes

Find the Right ShoesThe perfect shoe is out there! Talk to a running shoe specialist, who'll ask you loads of questions about how and when and where you run. Bring your old shoes with you, so they can see how they wear as you run in them.

8 ... and Socks!

... and Socks!Runners can often lose toenails because they're wearing the wrong socks. Experiment til you find the right kind for you.

9 ... and Replace Them Often

... and Replace Them OftenRemember, shoes and socks won't last forever! If you choose a "free" running shoe, you'll want to replace them about every 250 miles; more supportive shoes can last a little longer.

10 Find a Route You Love

Find a Route You LoveRunning circles around a track can be boring, so find a route you love, whether it's a paved bike path or a pretty wooded trail.

11 ... and Change It up so to Beat Boredom

... and Change It up so to Beat BoredomEven the most gorgeous route can bore you after a while, so make sure to change it up every now and then. This is also safer - if you change routes often, a stalker would have a hard time figuring out a pattern to your runs.

12 Avoid Sports Drinks

Avoid Sports DrinksSports drinks sound healthy, but they're really just loaded with sugar. Stay away!

13 ... but Get Your Electrolytes

... but Get Your ElectrolytesYou will need to replenish your electrolytes, though, so try coconut water or Nuun instead of sports drinks.

14 ... and Fuel

... and FuelOn longer runs, you'll need to bring fuel with you, like Huma or Gu: eat one 15 minutes before you run, then every 45 minutes while you're running.

15 ... and Eat the Right Food!

... and Eat the Right Food!If you're burning all those calories on a run, why add them back with junk food? Fuel yourself properly every day!

16 Don't Stretch with "cold" Muscles

Don't Stretch with "cold" MusclesAn easy 1/4 mile jog or brisk walk is an ideal warm up. Stretching on "cold" muscles can lead to injury!

17 ... but Definitely do Stretch after!

... but Definitely do Stretch after!You will want to stretch a little after a good run, though. It'll feel so good!

18 Don't Run Every Day

Don't Run Every DayScientists agree: taking a rest day once or twice a week gives your body a chance to heal from the grueling runs you've done the rest of the week.

19 ... but do Cross-train!

... but do Cross-train!Don't lounge too much on your days off, though: cross-train!Try biking, swimming, or even just walking.

20 Set a Goal

Set a GoalThe best way to stay motivated? Set a specific goal, and to make sure you stick to it, register for a race. For example, if your goal is to be ready for a 5k in ten weeks, register now for a Color Run 10 weeks away, so you'll be sure to keep running!

21 ... and Set Your Reward

... and Set Your RewardDecide now what your reward for achieving that goal will be. A funny new running top? A massage? A new goal?

22 Dress for the Weather

Dress for the WeatherIf you're running outside, be sure you're dressing for the weather. The key to cold-weather running? Layers!

23 Find a Friend

Find a FriendFriends can be such good motivators! Find a running buddy (or three) and encourage each other (and hold each other accountable!).

24 Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your BodyA little pain is okay, but don't try to work through any serious ouches. Listen to your body, or you may end up taking a lot of time off to recover what was originally a minor injury, that turned into something worse because you ignored it.

25 Use an App... or a Fitness Tracker

Use an App... or a Fitness TrackerI adore MapMyRun, which I use on my iPhone. But there are loads of other wearable fitness trackers (like the FitBit and Jawbone) and apps, too. Try a few to see what works best for you!

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