7 U.S. Running Trails You Have to Try Once in Your Life ...

I like to read a lot because it gives me loads of new ideas for my writing career. Recently, I was reading an issue of Self magazine and came across a great list of United States running trails. Running is a prime source of exercise because you can do it anywhere in the world and it burns calories, tones muscles and prevents health problems by getting your heart pumping. So, I’ve take these running trails straight from the pages of Self and brought them to you. Whether you live in these places are plan to visit, try these epic running trails and the sport will never be the same.

1. Coot Lake, Boulder, Colorado

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I went to college in Boulder and the area is packed full of great opportunities to take in nature. Coot Lake is a flat running trail that circles the lake. It’s great for newbies and experienced runners and is perfect for the stunning views. This trail is also dog-friendly so get your pooch in on the action.

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