7 Tips for Running a Long Distance Race ...

So you are planning on running a long distance race but don’t know where to begin in your training plans? And you know without planning for a distance race you will increase your risk of injury so get planning. Well take a deep breath and relax because I can help you to prepare for your many miles and even get stronger along the way. With a game plan, healthy nutrition and the right attitude you can ace your next race. So read along and get ready to run the distance race of your lifetime!

1. Create a Game Plan

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You cannot run a distance race on heart and drive alone; you have to be trained. So train yourself to run your miles with a smile by a progressive plan. Check out online programs based on your race distance and train for success. And have a great race!

2. Make Sure You Eat Properly

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As you prep for your race make sure you eat properly. Fuel your body with veggies, fruits and whole grains. This will not only boost your immune system but also help you fuel every grueling, calorie burning workout.

3. Consult a Coach

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If you feel lost in your race game training plan with not a process in sight, consult a running coach. A running coach can meet you to help you get on the right training plan discuss your goals and even message you online every step of the way. And the best part is that running coaches are usually relatively reasonable in cost and invaluable in helping you cross the finish line with confidence!

4. Join a Running Club

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If you are planning on running a longer distance race like a marathon and embarking on this journey solo frightens you, join a running club! If you join a local club you will have fellow runners with similar goals to pound the pavement at the crack of down together. You will feel alone and it will become a team effort of goal crushing runners!

5. Get the Right Gear

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Proper gear can be all the difference from having a great race or winding up disappointed. One common complaint of distance runner is blister and chafing so prevent this by being proactive. 2Toms can some amazing sport shield that is guaranteed to work. I swear by this in all my marathons and so should you. Be prepared in your distance race but easily rolling this on.

6. Get Plenty of Sleep

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Get to bed sleepy head and catch some extra Zzzzzs in your training. Studies show that sleeping from 7-9 hours per night during your training will help you to run stronger and longer. So get to bed earlier and run like the wind.

7. Race Your Beautiful Butt off

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Now that you have the plan to train properly, eat healthily and do it right; go race your butt off. You are probably looking pretty darn toned and amazing, so have a great race. If you put in the time, you earned a great race so go out and kick asphalt!

So with all these tips, tell me what distance race will you be running? I am running a marathon this weekend and it is my 26th race of 26.2 miles. Will you join me for the next?

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