Tips for Making Running in the Rain Less Sucky ...

By Lydia

Tips for Making Running in the Rain Less Sucky ...

If you are someone who loves to run and is addicted to keeping your regular routine, then you will be familiar with the pain of looking out the window and seeing raindrops falling down! Running in the rain is the complete opposite of fun, so much so that it can often dull the effects of the endorphins that your exercise releases. Of course, the dream conditions are light and cool, but if it isn’t looking like that on your particular run day, then there are things that you can do! Here are some tips for making running in the rain less sucky!

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1 Embrace the Wet

Running in the rain is only rubbish if your primary goal is to try to avoid getting wet. It’s just like being at a festival; you have to embrace the conditions and get on with it anyway! Just accept that fact that you are going to get wet, and imagine yourself in some grand chase scene in a movie!

2 Avoid Cotton

Try to avoid wearing cotton as much as you can on a rainy run. It absorbs water like a mother, which means not only will you get wetter quicker, but you will also feel bogged down and heavier over the course of your jog. Even wool is a better alternative because although it still gets wet, it also has a thermal property to retain some warmth.

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3 Baseball Cap

Running in the rain is arguably the most negative for your head. It can get in your eyes, make your hair straggly and annoying and also can make your forehead really cold! A simple fix for pretty much all of those problems is to pop on a baseball cap. It’ll give you better vision in a downpour and will somewhat protect what’s underneath!

4 Correct Socks

Sports socks are a separate thing for a reason; they are much better at handling adverse weather conditions than regular old dress socks! Again, the cotton factor comes in to play here, so make sure that you invest in a good pair of wool running socks so that your feet can better withstand that wet and the cold.

5 Vaseline

The wetter your body and clothing is, the more likely you are going to be to experience some unwanted chafing and irritation. Vaseline is your best friend in this situation. Put it anywhere that there might be a wet friction problem from your bra straps to where you socks meet your ankles to under your armpits. The more friction-free you are, the better!

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