7 Tips for Improving Your Running Time in No Time ...

Are you looking to improve your running time in a short time frame and not quite sure where to start? Do running magazines, online programs and varying tips everywhere you turn leave you in a confused state, reluctant to begin your training? Do not stress, because a quicker time is just around the corner, just let me guide you in how you can run fast enough to catch it! With the right training, proper nutrition and your head in the right place, you can improve your running time in no time!

1. Research Your Training

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Before you begin on the first free running program you find online, do some research. Understand the training you are considering doing before you get started. There are various studies that explain the need for speed workouts in a variety of distances, so find out why and achieve amazing results after you complete this training. Researching your training will help you to improve your running time in no time at all!

2. Consider Hiring a Professional

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Before you question how to do it, why not consult a professional to help you run faster? If you hire a running coach with proven results in helping other clients just like you, this is a big step in the right direction to becoming a quicker and more efficient runner. So stop stressing and get searching for the right running coach for you! If you are on a time crunch you may find your running coach can do wonders in helping you to meet your goal!

3. Create a Weekly Schedule

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Not up for hiring a professional coach to create a training plan for you? No worries, but you still need to get planning and create a weekly schedule with workout variety and a rest day. Make sure you access your progress and create each weekly schedule based around this. Weekly schedules are always the best for accessing progress and intensifying and lowering workouts based around this. You would not want each week to increase in speed if you have not mastered the current week, right? So plan week to week for best results.

4. Set a Goal Date

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What is your goal date? Maybe you have a competition coming up which you are training hard for, so you need to amplify your workouts? Whatever the reason, make sure you set your goal date and make sure your schedule is reflective of this. And rest your legs 2-3 days before your race so you feel fresh, strong and ready to sprint with your speedy legs.

5. Vary Your Workouts

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If you run the same speed every day, how will you see progress in your performance? You need to have variety to see optimal performance of both strength and endurance. So make sure you integrate a speed workout, strength day, hill repeats and a long slow distance run each week. Variety is the spice (and speed) of life, right? This is especially the case when it comes to your running workouts.

6. Put Your Body to the Test

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So you have been training hard for your next 5k and you are not sure where you are at. Put your body to the test and race your own 5k race. This is the best way to test your body and see where you are in your progression. From these results, you can adjust your training schedule accordingly so that you can meet your goals!

7. Access Your Results and New Goals

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Now that you know where you are at after your competition, set new goals that adjust to your current fitness level. Make sure you push your body to the next level so that you can continue to quicken your race times.

Hope these tips help you to be well on your way to run quicker so that you can meet your goals come race day. What are your running goals and when is your next race?

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