7 Thoughts of Running in Hot Summer ...


7 Thoughts of Running in Hot Summer ...
7 Thoughts of Running in Hot Summer ...

What are your thoughts about running in the hot summer? Some days when I am running in the sweltering heat, I think of the sweat dripping down my leg, my clothes sticking to me, my tasks awaiting at home or just the relief of taking a shower when I finish running. There are many times in my training in the summer that my thoughts are all over the map because it is just so darn hot! And although I can use the heat as an excuse to not run, I push myself to get outside and I have many thoughts about running in the hot summer, like these:

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Feeling Sweaty

As I go running in the summer, I have many thoughts about the heat as the sweat drips down my body. At this point I am feeling very sweaty and so out of breath, sometimes I wonder if I should have made it an indoor workout day. But then midway into the run, all of a sudden I feel this amazing empowerment, knowing I am going the distance regardless of the hot day!


Clothes Are Sticking

As I run along on a hot summer day, I notice my clothes are sticking to me and sometimes my shorts begin to ride up. I fix my shorts, re-adjust and get my mind back into the run. Regardless of how I look at this point in the run, despite the ridiculously hot weather, I think of how glad I am that it's summer. I could be freezing with layers on if it were winter, so I seize the day and have a great run!


Can’t Wait to Go Swimming

Running in the summer can be challenging, especially on days of high heat and humidity. But on these days I envision swimming in a pool at the end of the run. Even if you do not have a pool, you can cool down by jumping around in a sprinkler at the end. An ice cold glass of water can do the trick too!


Why do I Feel like I Am Running in Place?

Sometimes in the hot summer I feel like I am running so slowly that I am practically running in place. Why does it take so much effort to run at pace in the heat? Do not get frustrated if this happens to you, it happens to the best of us. The more often you run in the heat, the more your body gets acclimated to the heat and you actually run better in the heat during your next run. So be prepared and drink some cold water so that you can stay hydrated!


Feeling Jealous of the Passersby in Air Conditioned Cars

On days when you can feel the humidity the moment you walk out the door, running is exhausting and once I start running, every step is a fight. As cars drive by, I wish I was in an air conditioned car. At that point I'm feeling kind of jealous! But then I snap out of it and push to finish my run. You always have to finish what you start, right?


Oh I Can’t Wait for a Shower

As sweat begins to drip in my eyes on a hot summer run, I think about how badly I need and want a shower. There is nothing better than the feeling after you shower on a hot summer day. I think of the clean and relaxing feeling after I complete my run. What a relief!


Wow I'm so Glad I Did This

As I finish my run, hot, sweaty and accomplished, I am so glad I did this. It is amazing to feel so accomplished after feeling so awful at times during the run. No matter how hot the day or hard the run, I always feel great when I complete my run. It is an incredible feeling that every runner can relate to.

So tell me, how do you feel when you run in the hot summer sun? I hope this article has made you want to get out and go for a run. Happy summer running to you!

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I love running outdoors but it get so hot during the summer months where I am. Do u have tips for a person who loves working outdoors when the heat index is over 100º outside??

I have such a love/hate relationship with running. I love how I feel after and the physical effects but hate getting started. I can't seem to run very long if it is above 84 degrees outside.

I ran outside when it was hot out the other day and it was miserable! I got ehat exhaustion and it was only in the 70s

Like @Vanessa said, I also have a love/hate relationship with running. Some running days I wake up and feel like I'm going to attend my funeral, but after my run I feel exhausted but satisfied. But summer runs are probably my favorite runs. I have asthma and allergies, and running in spring can be suicide for me. I love running in summer (unless it's ridiculously humid because then it affects my asthma). I love the sweat running down my face and the hot ache of the sun on my skin, it's an amazing feeling!

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