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21 Things to Wear when Youre Running in Cold Weather ...

By Jennifer

In the cold winter months, you have two choices: run on the dreadmill or run outside in the cold. The treadmill can be so boring, but baby it's cold outside! So beat the boredom, layer up with this cold-weather running gear, and get your miles in no matter the weather!

Table of contents:

  1. Free country women's b cozy hoodie
  2. Nike women's dri-fit long sleeve shirt
  3. Nike women's thermal running tights
  4. New balance women's windcheater running vest
  5. Nike women's aeroloft running jacket
  6. Nike women's element half zip running shirt
  7. Champion women's marathon jacket
  8. Under armour women's get set go running gloves
  9. Nike adult multi-use running wrap
  10. Free country b cozy cowl hoodie
  11. The north face women's thermal ear gear headband
  12. Nike women's reversible running headband
  13. Under armour women's ua base 4.0 baselayer shirt
  14. Under armour women's layered up beanie
  15. Burton women's midweight shirt
  16. Under armour women's ua base 4.0 legging
  17. Saucony women's swift running headband
  18. Under armour women's coldgear long sleeve shirt
  19. Smartwool women's phd light elite running socks
  20. Merrell women's all out terra trail running shoes
  21. Patagonia active sports bra

1 Free Country Women's B Cozy Hoodie
Be cozy indeed! Choose your favorite from three colors and keep warm all winter long with a hood that's designed to actually cover your head, not just to look cute.

2 Nike Women's Dri-FIT Long Sleeve Shirt

This shirt's made of a warm, moisture-wicking wool blend, and while that might sound itchy, it's not - it's so comfortable and soft... and warm!

3 Nike Women's Thermal Running Tights

You'll need something to keep your legs warm on your run, too, and these running leggings are my favorites!

4 New Balance Women's Windcheater Running Vest

If you tend to overheat when you wear a full jacket, but it's just too cold to run in just a fleece, try a vest!

5 Nike Women's Aeroloft Running Jacket

Two words: goose down. This running jacket's made with goose down for warmth, and tiny holes to help spread that warmth from your hot zones to cooler areas. Ahh!

6 Nike Women's Element Half Zip Running Shirt

I love the bright color choices (pink or orange) and the half-zip front (so you can unzip a bit as you get warmer on your run)... I also love those thumb holes in the sleeves!

7 Champion Women's Marathon Jacket

I love to run in light snow and rain, and this jacket keeps the rain off but the warm in. Cozy!

8 Under Armour Women's Get Set Go Running Gloves

My hands always get chilly running outside, from October to May... these gloves really help! Choose from four colors.

9 Nike Adult Multi-Use Running Wrap

I use this around my neck and nose, so I can breathe air that's not so bitter cold... yeah, it gets pretty chilly here in Michigan in February!

10 Free Country B Cozy Cowl Hoodie
I'm so happy one of my favorite brands is now carrying sizes for curvy girls! And this hoodie is super-comfy and warm!

11 The North Face Women's Thermal Ear Gear Headband

So soft and so warm! I love these ear-cover headbands!

12 Nike Women's Reversible Running Headband

I love the pretty fleece headbands by North Face, but they're not moisture-wicking, which you might need, even in winter.

13 Under Armour Women's UA Base 4.0 Baselayer Shirt

When it's REALLY cold - wicked cold! - you'll want to layer another shirt under your fleece or jacket, and this ultra-thin piece is just the thing.

14 Under Armour Women's Layered up Beanie

Maybe a headband just isn't warm enough... if not, try a beanie, like this one!

15 Burton Women's Midweight Shirt

Ahh, so warm! I love this one because it's so, so soft inside!

16 Under Armour Women's UA Base 4.0 Legging

Just like you'll want to layer another shirt under your jacket, you might want to also layer another pair of leggings under your running pants.

17 Saucony Women's Swift Running Headband

Here's another headband option, this one a little lighter-weight and a little wider.

18 Under Armour Women's ColdGear Long Sleeve Shirt

The little zip on one side makes it easy to get off when you're done running. Whew!

19 SmartWool Women's PhD Light Elite Running Socks

Don't forget to keep your toes cozy, too!

20 Merrell Women's All out Terra Trail Running Shoes

Running in the ice and snow requires the same nubby shoes as trail running, so these shoes are great for winter running!

21 Patagonia Active Sports Bra
No matter how many warm layers you're wearing, you'll still want to give the girls one extra bit of protection, so I'd recommend a running bra, for sure.

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