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Looking for some company on your runs but wondering how to go about choosing a running partner? What should you be looking for and how can you determine who will be the right running partner for you. As a personal trainer and longtime runner, I am aware of what you should look for when searching for a running mate. Certain things like pace, personality and punctuality all come into play when making your choice. Being selective secures you a running partner not just for a day but possibly for years to come. Here are the things to look for when choosing a running partner:

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One of the primary things to look for when choosing a running partner is that you can both run a similar pace. If your prospective partner runs a 9 minute mile and you run a 6 minute mile, this will not work. You will find yourself running at different levels and it will not be a good workout for you. Look for someone who runs within 30 seconds of your mile time. (A great place to meet this person is at a race.) Pace is one of the most important factors when choosing a running partner.



You chat the day away while your partner is so quiet you can hear crickets; maybe she is not talkative or appreciates the peace and quiet of her thoughts. Figure out if this is the right running partner for you. I find some of my best running partners enjoy an exchange of words and we have a full conversation while running. If you can click on this the miles will go by quicker and you may even find yourself running a quicker pace since you are distracted.



Look for a running partner with similar motivation. If you find a running partner with similar motivation, you can push each other so that you both get the most out of your run. And on a day when you are feeling out of sorts, they can push you to get into your workout fully and run hard!


Similar Goals

If you find a running partner with similar goals like training for a marathon or running a personal best 5k time, you can work together to achieve this. A running partner with similar goals will be looking to do the same workout distances and you will be able to push one another with these goals.



If you find an amazing running partner with the same goals and pace but they live one hour away, what good will that be? Ideally your running partner should live within a short distance so you can meet up for your runs.



If you have to run at 4am every day because of life demands, you may find it difficult to find a running partner. Make sure you find a running partner with a similar schedule so you can find time to run together.



If you plan on meeting at 7am and notice every time you schedule your run, your running partner shows up 35 minutes late, maybe the meeting time or the running partner is not right. In a world of responsibility, punctuality is something very important to look for in the right running partner.

I know this was a long list of things to look for in a running partner, some of which you may not have even thought of but believe these things do make a difference. So tell me, do you have a running partner? If yes, do they make this list?

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