7 Things to Look for when Choosing a Running Partner ...


Looking for some company on your runs but wondering how to go about choosing a running partner? What should you be looking for and how can you determine who will be the right running partner for you. As a personal trainer and longtime runner, I am aware of what you should look for when searching for a running mate. Certain things like pace, personality and punctuality all come into play when making your choice. Being selective secures you a running partner not just for a day but possibly for years to come. Here are the things to look for when choosing a running partner:

1. Pace

One of the primary things to look for when choosing a running partner is that you can both run a similar pace. If your prospective partner runs a 9 minute mile and you run a 6 minute mile, this will not work. You will find yourself running at different levels and it will not be a good workout for you. Look for someone who runs within 30 seconds of your mile time. (A great place to meet this person is at a race.) Pace is one of the most important factors when choosing a running partner.

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