7 Things to Eat before a Marathon ...


As you prepare for your big race day you may be wondering what are the things to eat before a marathon? What you eat before a marathon can make or break your race but since there is such a vast array of knowledge on this topic, you may find yourself uncertain as what to do. As a 21 time marathoner and trainer, let me share with you what really works. If I can play just a small part in helping you to have a great marathon time, I would be thrilled. So here are the things to eat before a marathon so that you can run your best race:

1. Always Eat Breakfast

Before your marathon, you should always eat breakfast because you need fuel for such a long distance. Plus, prior to all your training runs leading up to your marathon race day, you should practice eating a breakfast. You can't cross the finish line without some gas in the tank so make sure you have a healthy breakfast. Figure out the things to eat before a marathon by practicing on all your training runs.

Never Try Anything New
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