The Most Legendary Songs for Your Running Playlist ...

By Eliza

The Most Legendary  Songs for Your Running Playlist  ...

Ever noticed how the right music can really spur you on to finish your run for the day? The best songs make you want to run harder and faster so that you can get the most out of your workout. If your running playlist needs to be shaken up a little bit, you are in the right place. This list gives you some great new music that will make your run exciting and fresh again. Rock on!

1 “Supernova” by Ray LaMontagne

If you need something with a great beat and a fast rhythm, this is the song for you. It’s great fun to listen to and will get your feet pounding the pavement in tune, which helps get your heartrate going. That translates to more calories burned and a better overall workout. This song is great for getting you going when you don’t really want to run.

2 “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons

At 128 beats per minute, this song is ideal for interval training. You can use this song during your slower intervals without sacrificing speed or intensity. It’s also perfect for a run that burns calories and leaves you feeling great when you get back home. If you don’t already love this song, you will totally want to rock it all the time once you have it on your playlist.

3 “Coming of Age” by Foster the People

This songs is entertaining and you’ll look forward to hearing it pop up on your playlist. The tempo of the song is great for getting you going when you hit the trail and the words and melody are enjoyable and will have you singing along every time you hear it. You are going to love how this song ramps up your run and helps you maximize your results.

4 “around the Bend” by the Asteroids Galaxy Tour

If you’re tired of songs that are supposed to make you want to kill it, this song is for you. It has none of those lyrics that make you want to rage and tear up the streets, but the melody and tune is enough to get your heart rate going and make you want to move your body. You will love how much this song pumps up your running speed and energy.

5 “Ridin’ the Storm out” by REO Speedwagon

This might be a bit of an old school hit, but it’s still great for your running playlist. The song isn’t super fast, but it’s catchy and will have you raring and ready to go every time the opening bars come on. You’ll love it! I promise!

6 “Wake Me up” by Avicii

You want to be alert and ready to go when you hit the pavement or the trail and this song is going to do it for you. The song is great to listen to and I bet you’ll be wishing you could cue it up even when you aren’t running. If you want something that’s fun to listen to and that makes you want to get the best run ever, this song is the one.

7 “Stickshifts and Safety Belts” by Cake

Avid runners swear by Cake tunes for running. This song has an ideal rhythm for running and the lyrics will help you escape the torture of a long run and get your mind on other things so that you can tune out and finish your course without drama. What else could a girl want?

What are your favorite running songs?

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