The Best 👍🏼 Places in the World 🌎 for Runners 🏃 to Hit the Ground and See 👁👁 the Sights 🏜🏔 ...

As a lifelong runner and fitness enthusiast there is nothing I love more than exploring the sights on foot while I run in the best places in the world. On these running journeys I get to take in the breathtaking sights as I feel the surge of endorphins. It is my absolute favorite thing to do and you should most definitely experience this too. Life is all about the moments in time that we create. So create your own running story as you explore the world on foot. Here is the best places in the world to run!

1. Coronado California

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After visiting Coronado for a vacation and to run a marathon in San Diego, I fell instantly in love. One of the main reasons for my affinity with this area is running along Silver Strand State Beach. The serenity, peace and beauty is simply breathtaking. And as you run you get a free tour of the U.S. Naval Amphibious base with the perfect weather of 60 degrees almost year round. This is seriously one of the best places in the world to go for a run!

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