7 Stretches for when You're Sore after Running ...


With the great running weather starting to appear, stretches for when you’re sore after running are going to be needed very soon. Stretching before and after running is always the best idea. However, sometimes, you can still be very sore afterwards. I’ve thought of a few of my favorite stretches and listed them below. So here are my favorite 7 stretches for when you’re sore after running.

1. Calf Stretch

My favorite calf stretch can be done against a wall or standing alone, and it's easy, making it my favorite of all of the stretches for when you're sore. This stretch is done by putting your foot out in front of you with your heel to the ground (or the wall). Reach down with your opposite hand to touch the tip of your foot. This stretch focuses on stretching out your calves and shins if they are sore. Doing this stretch every day before bed will help prevent soreness the next morning.

Hip Flexor
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