7 Simple Tricks to Make Your Runs Easier ...


Want to know the simple tricks to make your runs easier? Let’s face it, there are good and bad running days. On the good days you feel like you can run almost effortlessly and on the bad, you count down the time until you are done. Sometimes you may find yourself in a rut and the bad days seem to come in a flood. So how do you combat this and get back on track to running success? Well as a long time marathon runner and trainer, I have some simple tricks to make your runs easier!

1. Keep Your Eyes Focused

If you look ahead and keep your focus on the distance ahead, you will feel better. Focus is key in having a great run, and looking ahead rather than at the ground can have you feeling in the moment. So pick a pole in the distance to sprint to and then aim on your next focus to help you achieve running success. This is one of the simple tricks to make your runs easier!

Listen to Music
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