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Trail running isn’t something to fear, but you do need some safety tips for trail running so you don't get hurt. As long as you’re safe about it then trail running can easily become your friend. Remember, you know yourself better than anyone else to trust your gut on its initial feeling. Don’t put yourself into a situation that could have easily been avoided. These 7 safety tips for trail running will help you be safe every time you hit the trail.

1. Planning out Your Route is One of the Best Things You Can do

One of the most important safety tips for trail running is to plan your route. Sticking to this route will potentially save you if something happens. Let someone know your route. You can easily write it down and stick it in a drawer. This adds extra safety. If your partner knows how long you should be out running and you don't come back within this time, he can come look for you or text you to be sure you're ok.

Be Super Mindful of Other People While Running
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