8 Safety Tips for Running ...


Safety tips for running are important for every runner to know, but especially female runners. Women running alone can often become targets for crime depending on the circumstances. But that’s not the only reason to be cautious when running. There are other situations that can be dangerous or harmful if not handled in the correct way. Here are my top safety tips for running so you can enjoy your run knowing you have taken extra precautions to prevent bad things from happening!

1. Tell Someone Where You Are Going

The first of my safety tips for running is to always tell someone where you are going, when you plan to be back, and the route you are taking. If you aren’t back by the expected time, someone will know to come and look for you. If possible, take a running buddy! Not only is this a safety measure, but it will also help to keep your mind off of the time.

Carry Pepper Spray
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