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After running hundreds of races I have adopted running rules that I live by. Certain things you see in races, like the occasional person that goes to the bathroom in their pants, yes, this happens. Or the strangers that pass out candy and the runner that openly takes this not knowing the safety. What about courtesy, how do you pass in front of a runner without colliding? I will cover all of this and more in my running rules. Here are the running rules that I live by:

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Save It for the Bathroom

I have been amazed to see some runners actually go to the bathroom in their pants because they did not want to wait in the portable potty line. This is fortunately a rare occurrence but there are some people that cannot wait. Unless you are in the Olympics and those 60 seconds really do count, use personal hygiene and save it for the bathroom. This is one of the top running rules that I live by!


Use Signals

Running in a congested race with thousands of people and still trying to keep up your pace? Good for you, but it can be tough navigating your way through the crowd of runners. Before you take out the person next to you with an elbow, give hand signals or let your fellow racers know you are changing lanes. Just like a car blinker, give a signal or let the runners know verbally so you can avoid a collision and use running etiquette.


Taking Food from Bystanders

Be very careful about this. I rarely if ever take food from a bystander unless it is race marked because then I know it is regulated. I have had some horror stories of friends going to grab water and it being vodka. Imagine dumping this on your face, ouch! Be careful and think of safety first.


Helping Your Competitor

The person next to you is panting like a woman in labor, do you offer them guidance or just run by? I offer them support, we all love a little push and it is always nice to know there are people out there that care. If they appreciate the support you can run a few miles with them and get to know them better. This will not only take both your minds off the race but it will help your competitor to have a great race. Life is all about lending a helping hand.


Save It for Home

If you can deal with any big bathroom business at home, go for it then. If you are doing a longer distance race, the last thing you want is to stop dead in your tracks to find a portable potty. Handle all bathroom business in the morning prior to the race, if you can. You will be glad you did because when you see a portable potty that has been used by thousands, you will wish you were at home!


Dress for Comfort

In the years of novice racing, I would dress for style before comfort but as an experienced racer today I always dress for comfort. I find comfort in running in a sports top and shorts, sometimes even for a race in the dead of winter. Who cares if I like crazy running in shorts if it helps racing, right? Exemplify this so you can perform best at your next race.


Don’t Forget the Deodorant

I have run numerous races with thousands of runners packed like sardines at the start and noticed a very extreme odor. Whoops! Someone forgot deodorant! Do not let this be you and practice healthy and courteous hygiene.

Hope you have enjoyed my list of running rules that I live by. So tell me, what are your running rules that you live by?

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