7 Running Gear Accessories to Keep You Warm and Comfortable This Winter ...

I love to run year round, but when it is cold I am so thankful that there are plenty of protective running gear accessories available in stores and online. So you may be wondering, "What do I really need to keep running throughout the winter while being comfortable?" There is some essential gear that will keep you running long, strong and feeling great. Let me share with you the running gear accessories that I could not live without! These running gear accessories have helped me skip the treadmill on some frigid cold days to get a great workout outside and enjoy the snow covered roads.

1. Base Layer Gear

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The base or first layer of gear is very helpful when the temperature falls below 40 for your run. The base layer is the first layers of pants, a turtleneck or even the first layer of gloves. I find the base layer to be a huge help in races because as I warm up, I can always layer down and drop layers across the course. Staying warm is key in injury prevention so make sure you utilize running gear accessories to help you with this!

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