7 Running Gear Accessories to Keep You Warm and Comfortable This Winter ...


7 Running Gear Accessories to Keep You Warm and Comfortable This Winter ...
7 Running Gear Accessories to Keep You Warm and Comfortable This Winter ...

I love to run year round, but when it is cold I am so thankful that there are plenty of protective running gear accessories available in stores and online. So you may be wondering, "What do I really need to keep running throughout the winter while being comfortable?" There is some essential gear that will keep you running long, strong and feeling great. Let me share with you the running gear accessories that I could not live without! These running gear accessories have helped me skip the treadmill on some frigid cold days to get a great workout outside and enjoy the snow covered roads.

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Base Layer Gear

Base Layer Gear The base or first layer of gear is very helpful when the temperature falls below 40 for your run. The base layer is the first layers of pants, a turtleneck or even the first layer of gloves. I find the base layer to be a huge help in races because as I warm up, I can always layer down and drop layers across the course. Staying warm is key in injury prevention so make sure you utilize running gear accessories to help you with this!


A Running Hat or Ear Warmer Headband

A Running Hat or Ear Warmer Headband The majority of your body heat is lost through your head, so make sure you wear a hat so you can stay warm this winter. Some runners prefer an ear warmer headband but when the temperature is below 30, I prefer a running hat. Find what works best for you.


When running in cold temperatures, a running hat or ear warmer headband is essential. Not only do they keep your head warm, but they also help to keep the wind and rain out of your eyes. Hats and headbands come in a variety of materials, such as wool, fleece, and synthetic fabrics, so you can find one that fits your needs and weather conditions. Additionally, some hats and headbands have reflective strips that make it easier for drivers to see you when running at night. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits comfortably and securely so you can stay warm and safe while running this winter.


Running Gloves

Running Gloves I normally run with running gloves anytime it is 50 degrees or below. On frigid cold days below 10 degrees, you should wear mittens since your fingers will provide body heat. Usually when it is below 10 degrees I trade my outdoor run for an indoor treadmill run, but if you are up for it wear mittens and tackle the cold outdoors.


Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers Since you can lose as much as 30% of body heat through your extremities, I prefer running with hand warmers in my gloves if the temperature is below 30 degrees. Hand warmers provide ample heat to your hands and I find this a great relief when it is really cold outside!



Windbreaker The outer layer consisting of a windbreaker should shield you from being wet from snow or rain and getting chills from the wind. Windbreakers are also breathable enough to prevent overheating while keeping you dry. I like to wear a thin windbreaker that, if I get warm, can easily be tied around my waist.


Ski Mask

Ski Mask A ski mask is helpful on an extremely cold and windy day. They are usually wool so they will keep you warm. I never wear one in fear that I will scare someone. How would you feel if someone was sprinting towards you wearing a ski mask? But ski masks really do keep your face warm and safe from wind burn!


Moisture Wicking Socks

Moisture Wicking Socks I recommend that you do not wear cotton socks when running because they absorb moisture rather than wick away. When your feet get wet, you are at risk for blisters and hypothermia in extreme cold. Look for fabrics such as acrylic to help wick away moisture.

Hope these running gear accessories keep you warm, comfortable and running well this winter. What is your favorite running gear accessory? Happy running to you!

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Where is the picture from that shows the running hat?

Target had a whole wall of running gear for the cold! Check it out ladies, cute stuff

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