7 Run Downs on How Running Rocks ...


7 Run Downs on How Running Rocks ...
7 Run Downs on How Running Rocks ...

As I just finished my 21st marathon and I am feeling great about my running accomplishments, I am excited to share how running rocks. As a longtime runner and fitness enthusiast I have surrounded my life around running and cross training. In fact in all the important moments of my life, running seemed to be somehow a part of it. And with every bit of adversity in my life, running was what helped me to reflect and work through. Although I enjoy to cross train, there is nothing more amazing than a solo run as time to reflect on life and become at peace with myself. With each strike of my foot my body and mind are in rhythm and I feel like I can conquer the world. So here is how running rocks and if you are not a runner, maybe you should think about giving the sport a try!

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Running Gives You More Energy

Even on the days when I am most tired I always push myself to get up for a run, even if it is just for a few miles. After the rush of endorphins, sweat and raising my heart rate, I later feel so energetic. I get so much accomplished in my life because running gives me the energy to do so. A rush of energy tops my reasons in how running rocks!


Running Raises Your Confidence

I am in no way perfect but I am happy to be me. I love my body, my curves, and every inch of me because I am proud. Running has helped me to become more confidence and for this reason you should get out for a run!


Running Lowers Your Risk of Disease

Runners have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and heart disease so get out for a run. If this does not motivate you, are you aware that running lowers your body fat stores and boosts your immune system? So get out for a run and have some fun!


Running Lowers Your Stress

Studies show that running helps you to alleviate stress which is great for bettering the state of your mental health. If you spend just 20-30 minutes a day at minimum of running you will feel less stressed and be in a better place of your life.


Runners Are Accomplished

Studies show that runners that are competitive are usually more accomplished in the workplace and in relationships. That is because the motivation of running in transferable into all aspects of their lives. As a runner I can relate to this because I go full force in regards to energy in everything I do. This is a huge reason why running rocks!


Running is Sole Time to Focus on Yourself

As a busy mom of 3 and business owner, I enjoy my runs as dedicated time to focus on my health and fitness. I am amazed at how this short time of running can help renew your energy, distress and feel amazing. So did you get your run in today?


Running is Fun

Okay maybe as a personal trainer, my definition of fun is different than most but when I run I feel free, confident, beautiful and strong. Every time I see a runner enjoying their run, the look amazing and it often looks effortless. And if you run races it is even more fun because you will make personal goals and meet new people along the way. So get out for a run and have fun!

Hope I have motivated and inspired you to get out for a run, I promise you will not regret it. Running has changed my life and helped my through several health issues so I am blessed and thankful I can run. Are you a runner and if so, what is your favorite running distance? Happy and Healthy Running to you!

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