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7 Reasons Running Relieves Stress ...

By Tara

As a major worrier myself with all the demands and rigors of life, I am thankful that running relieves stress. I am amazed that no matter how hard a day I have, once I run I feel like I have no care in the world. Running definitely can give you a better grasp on life. Running can alter your mood to put you in a better state. And running helps you feel like you live a stress free life with no worries because of many reasons I will share with you. Here are the reasons running relieves stress and can transform your life.

1 Better Mood

Running can lower the symptoms associated with mild depression and stress. Exercise also can improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress. All this can ease your stress levels and give you a sense of control over your life. This is the major way running relieves stress.

2 Meditate

Running is meditation for the body and mind, and that is why most runners are collective in their internal happiness. Nothing brings more calmness and relief than a run. You feel like you can relax for the remainder of the day just knowing you accomplished several miles pounding the pavement and releasing your stress.

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3 Endorphins

You may know endorphins as the “happy” feelings that you have as a result of running, but there is even more to these hormones. Endorphins help slow down the aging process as well. This may be just why many runners look years younger than their true age.

4 Solo Time to Think

If you lead a very busy and hectic life, you will appreciate running as some solo time for you to think. I also find my best articles are thought of and problems solved while I am out on a run. Once you get those legs moving it seems like all sorts of creative ideas pop in your head. Just go with it and enjoy your run!

5 Improve Your Health

Running not only improves your mental state but your physical state as well. Running decreases your likelihood of diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and obesity. Running also boosts your immune system and all this relieves a lot of stress for this reason!

6 Accept Your Strengths and Improve Your Weaknesses

Running gives you time to think about your strength and improve your weaknesses. We can all improve a little, right? And this will alleviate stress. There are many ways you can learn to embrace yourself and it is helpful to do this over a run. Here are my ways I embrace the good and the bad:

7 Improve Confidence

Running builds your confidence and relieves stress. How can you not have more confidence when you have a long lean body from your running results? People that are confident tend to stress less because they realize any problem can be solved. And there is no problem so big that it's worth stressing over. So log in some miles to feel better about yourself, have more confidence and live a stress free life.

Now that you have all my reasons that running relieves stress, you should be even more motivated to get out for your next run. If you are already a runner, how do you feel after you finish your runs? Runners and runners in training, keep up the great work and hope to see you out on the roads!

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