7 Reasons Running for Just 5 Minutes a Day Can Help You Live Longer ...


Want to know the reasons running helps you live longer, even if you just run 5 minutes a day? A recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology proved that people can get the same medical benefits running 30-60 minutes per week, as those who exercised the same amount per day. In fact this study has proven that just 5 minutes a day of running can increase your health and help you to live longer. So are you ready to start running? Well first read about the reasons running helps you live longer:

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Reduces Stress

Running is a great sport because it lowers your stress level and betters your mental health. As you run, your body secretes endorphins, also known as happy hormones, that can help to elevate your mood while lowering your stress. This is one of reasons running helps you live longer.


Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease

By running just 5 minutes a day you will better your heart health while reducing your risk of heart disease. Running for this short duration has heart health benefits . So lace up your shoes and get running starting today!


Reduced Risk of a Stroke

Getting out for an easy 5 minute run (or longer if you like) can reduce your risk of a stroke. It is not important if you run at a quick or slow pace, as long as you get out there and run.


Feel Better and Have More Confidence

With just a short 5 minute run, you may notice your confidence increasing and you begin to just feel better. With the increase in your self-confidence, you will live longer if you have a higher value of yourself. So do you value yourself as the best?


Have More Energy

With more energy from running just 5 minutes a day, you will find yourself more active throughout the day and as a result you will live longer. Amazing how exercise can boost your energy and actually help you to accomplish more in one day!


Eat Healthier

After increasing your activity level by running, you may find yourself craving healthier food for your nutritional needs. Becoming active can help you view food in an entirely different way. You will begin to realize how many miles you have to run to burn off a large sundae, and then you will choose the small or nix it all together. Eating for health will change your life and help you to live longer.


Live a Longer, Happier Life

If you run for as little as 5 minutes a day, you will increase your life expectancy for 3 years and you will live a happier life. To see optimal health benefits, make sure you are your ideal weight, making healthy food choices and getting your workouts in.

With all these reasons to run, you better get up and get going to run for your life. Are you ready to run for your health and happiness? Then start a running schedule today, stick with it and remember every step you take is a step closer to your goal of better health!

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