7 Reasons Its Okay for Runners Not to Race ...


7 Reasons Its Okay for Runners Not to Race ...
7 Reasons Its Okay for Runners Not to Race ...

I cannot believe I am writing out the reasons it’s okay not to race because I once was an avid racer running over 30 races a year. And in my life I have run hundreds of races ranging from the mile to the marathon. But I am in a different place in my life with three children, too actively involved in activities and there are only so many hours in the day. I would be lying if I said I did not want to race, but my priorities are different in life right now. If you are a runner, why are you not racing? Here are the reasons it’s okay not to race:

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Love Low Key

If you enjoy running your routine miles and have no desire to race that is okay. I have met many runners that have told me they just like to run not race. I never understood how it was possible that anyone could not race but now I feel at times just like them. As long as I am fit and feel great, I do not feel like I have to race. I am enjoying running low key, at least right now. This is one of the reasons it’s okay not to race.


Health Issues

I had a good friend that became sick at races when she overheated. She is a tremendous runner but racing does not fit into her health bill, at least not at this time. So forget the formal race, have a fun race with your friends and family and if you feel like you are overheating, stop and walk. Just be smart and listen to your body.


Lack of Time

Are you working on the weekends or have other obligations? Well then you may not have the time to race right now. If you enjoy racing, wait for summer races when you can find the occasional weekday evening race. You are not giving up - you are just postponing your racing pursuits!


Not Feeling Race Ready

Are you just not that into racing right now? If yes, that is okay. We all go through different phases in our lives. Maybe you are busy with school, work or your family. Accept this phase in your life and be aware that time may pass and you may get the racing bug again!


Other Priorities

If you have other priorities in life right now that is okay too. As long as your priorities are healthy ones, do not fret. Just make sure you do find time for fitness even if it is not racing. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to exercise.


Not Properly Trained

Maybe you signed up for a half marathon a year ago when your schedule was different and now you are having trouble finding time to train. It is okay to make a decision to not run a race you are not trained for. In fact that is the smart choice to make. Although if you can squeeze in the training you can just have a more relaxed goal, like just completing the race with a smile!


Need Some Shut Eye

If you are up at 4am six days a week and Sunday is your only day to sleep in, it would be smart to keep it this way and not over schedule yourself. I promise I will not call you a wimp if you state that you need to sleep in. Rest is an integral part of training and an important part of recovery so listen to your body.

Now that you read all my reasons it’s okay not to race be aware if you have the time and are into it, racing is a lot of fun and a great way to keep you motivated towards your goals. But remember to do what works best with your life and your current schedule. Are you a racer? I am avidly training for the NYC marathon and a few other mini races! Hope to see you out there!

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I just had my second baby and am trying to get back into running. I love signing up for races, however I think I was too eager to get back into running as I seem to have an ankle injury that won\'t go away :( I miss running tremendously but I know I need to give my body time to recover from birth, as well as the sleepless nights I\'ve been having lately! I ran my 1st half marathon last year and would love to one day run a full one! For now I\'ll stick to the odd 5k. Thanks for this article and for reminding me that life goes in stages and this is just a short lived phase!

Never went I meant

I do run 5 miles almost everyday but went to a race I\'m still happy just for healthy things

Tara, I love your running posts! I have been running a while, and I do mean a while lol, and I\'ve learned so much from your posts, and have found great motivation through them. Racing can be lots of fun, especially if you do a local circuit, but I have found the larger races are just way too competitive, they\'ve been taken over by a more obsessively competitive group, and they take a lot of the joy out of racing. You get pushed, bumped, whacked, stepped on, sworn at, run over and through, and while these people ate a very small minority, they ruin lots of races for others. That said, I have always wanted to run NYC marathon, which is rapidly coming up I believe. How did you get in? Just curious?

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