7 Rave Runs That I Love That You Should Try Too ...

As a longtime runner and personal trainer running over 40,000 miles in my life (2,000 miles a year for twenty years is a guess but it may even be more), I have some rave runs that I love that you should try too. Being a lover of the sport,g I have numerous runs that I feel like a carry a torch of their memories and they are happily engrained in my mind. Whether it is for the scenery or overall experience, I consider these runs rave runs that I will always remember. So let me share with you my love of these rave runs and hopefully you will get the opportunity to pound the pavement at these destinations one day too!

1. Duke Estates

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Duke Estates in my home area of Somerset County, New Jersey has massive botanical gardens, running and biking paths, and many greenhouses. This is more than just a leisurely stroll. The Duke Estates is breathtaking and you should visit here for rave run. Right now it is one of the few places completely maintained and cleared of the snow. And the estates is a remarkable place for one of your rave runs!

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