7 Race Training Apps ...

Trainers are great, but there are some awesome race training apps out there that do not cost $50+ per session. Even better, most of the race training apps are free! These apps are great for people who may not want to join a group-run training system. In fact, I have used most of the apps with better results than any group run! Get your running shoes ready - these race training apps are sure to get you motivated to move!

1. Run 5k

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Let’s start with an app that helps with the first race most people ever run: a 5k. Run 5k was the first race training app that I ever downloaded. Although I was not training for a race, I wanted to get into running and did not want to commit/embarrass myself completely with a running group. It did the trick. In eight weeks I was running over three miles a day in under twelve minutes per mile! Starting was simple and it never felt like too much for me. This app is a must try for any new runner.

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