9 Kickass Quotes That Will Motivate You to Run Miles ...


9 Kickass Quotes That Will Motivate You to Run Miles ...
9 Kickass Quotes That Will Motivate You to Run Miles ...

You don't have to be strong enough to lift heavy weights and flexible enough to touch your toes with your nose. As long as you're physically active, you should be proud of yourself. If you own a treadmill, you can watch TV while you exercise. If you don't own any exercise equipment, then you can step outside and jog around the block. There's no excuse to skimp on running, so here are a few quotes about running that'll motivate you to do what you need to do:

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You Get What You Give

You Get What You Give You aren't going to get a job unless you send out applications. You aren't going to get a boyfriend unless you go out on dates. Most importantly, you aren't going to build a stronger, healthier body unless you start running.


Forget That It's a Workout

Forget That It's a Workout Exercising is hard work. Running for a few minutes could tire you out and make you feel miserable. However, if you're able to fight past that original pain, you'll end up feeling an entirely new emotion. Once you forget that you're exercising and just get lost in your thoughts, you'll have an easier time making it through your workout.


There's No Reason Not to Run

There's No Reason Not to Run There's no excuse for sitting around all day when you have legs that are itching to exercise. If you can run, then you should run. There's no reason for you to avoid pushing your body to its limits, because your body enjoys getting challenged.


You'll Never Regret a Run

You'll Never Regret a Run You might regret eating an entire package of Oreos. You might regret getting drunk and texting your ex. But you're never going to regret going for a run. It's only going to make you feel better about yourself, so why are you waiting to do it?


Speed Doesn't Matter

Speed Doesn't Matter It doesn't matter if you're the fastest runner in the world or the slowest. When you exercise, all that matters is that you're trying. Even if you keep a slow pace, at least you're fighting to keep your body healthy. It's better than sitting on your couch all day, so be proud of yourself!


Running Feels Intoxicating

Running Feels Intoxicating If you want to feel good about yourself, then you need to put in effort. At the end of the day, you won't feel like you've accomplished anything if you just sat on your couch watching movies for hours on end. But if you get up and run, even if it's only for a few minutes each day, you'll have something to be proud of.


It Can Actually Be Fun

It Can Actually Be Fun Running isn't just a form of exercise. It can actually turn into a hobby. Once you get used to hopping on that treadmill and it stops feeling like a chore, it could actually feel like fun! It's only a matter of time until your opinion on the activity changes.


Run for as Long as You'd like

Run for as Long as You'd like When you run a race, there's a start point and an end point. When you run for your own pleasure, there's not a specific amount of time that you need to be moving around for. You could spend five minutes running, or you could spend hours running.


Be Proud That You're unlike Anyone else

Be Proud That You're unlike Anyone else It's nice to see fellow joggers outside, because you know that you're all on the same page. However, sometimes it's even better when you're the only one out on the streets. It'll give you the satisfaction of knowing that you're willing to do something that no one else will.

You don't even need any gym equipment in order to run, so there's no excuse for skipping your workout today! How long are you planning on running for today?

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Running is good

I love to run I put on my music and just go go go and forget everything feels amazing!!!!!!

This just might inspire me to try running - I don't really do cardio yet

That's the most inspiring article about running I've ever read. It really touched me.

I'm about to go running now good thing got a treadmill at home

I use to run all the time. This just makes me miss it more

I love running in the fall. 💘 best feeling ever

My favorite exercise

My current favorite activity!

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