8 Products to Improve Workout Performance ...

I’m always on the lookout for products to improve workout performance – not like my drawer full of running clothes isn’t packed enough already, but still. Whether it’s an innovative new piece of fitness wear (hello Zaggora HotPants!) or a long-time trusted nutrition friend (Clif Bar, anyone?), there’s nothing more exciting than seeing what’s out there that can help you finish that tough workout, post a faster time, or just push yourself a little harder. I’ve found a couple new must-have fitness goodies, and it would be cruel not to share. Here are my picks for the best products to improve workout performance.

1. Lunatik Compression Socks

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Compression socks have long been hailed as one of the best products to improve workout performance, and these by Lunatik are my own personal favorites, for two reasons. One, because they’re incredibly well made, designed to last for years. And two – this may sound shallow, but here goes – because they look so cute! I tend to use these compression socks more as a recovery tool, wearing them after a long run to keep soreness and cramping at bay, but some athletes wear them during a run or workout. Try them, and see which works best for you!

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