7 Productive Things to Think about when You're out on a Run ...


7 Productive Things to Think about when You're out on a Run ...
7 Productive Things to Think about when You're out on a Run ...

As I run, I reflect on my life goals and the things that I have to do today and tomorrow. I often solve problems on my runs and the best solutions seems to always evolve as I pound the pavement for miles. I also focus on my pace and performance. When I am running a more challenging course and I so gladly want to give up, I remind myself to always finish what I started. And I overcome doubt to complete another great run. There is magic in every run and by the time I finish I feel like my life is renewed. There is no such thing as a bad run because every run I accomplish more in my life and feel nothing but positivity. So are you ready to go for a run? Then check out the productive things you can think about on your next run!

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Be Positive

photography, beauty, fashion, photo shoot, As you start your run you may notice the temperature outside is quite warm and you are lacking the necessary motivation to get moving. Before you fill yourself with self-doubt, become positive and realize you can do anything because you are a runner. There is something uniquely powerful about the personal responsibility it takes to push yourself for a run. I promise you won’t regret it!


Sort out Your Stressors

human action, person, sports, jogging, muscle, If you feel stressed from your day at work, daily tasks and everyday chaos, take it on a run. Running will help alleviate your stress and you will just feel better. I always feel like a weight is lifted off my chest when I complete my run.


Solve Your Problems

footwear, floor, leg, arm, flooring, There are many days when I am upset and I feel like there is no solution, so I simply go on a run. On my run I create solutions and always find the answer. Use running as the magic to help you to solve your problems and move on. Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff so sweat it out on a run!


Think of All You Have Accomplished

muscle, endurance sports, As you run think about all you have accomplished in your life and even on this run. If you ponder on all the good you will just feel better on your run. Good attracts greatness so run for the betterment of your life!


Enjoy the Scenic Route

human action, image, person, morning, sunset, Sometimes we are so focused on our running pace and pushing ourselves that we forget to look around. Take in all the beautiful sights, winding routes, hilly courses and enjoy every pound of the pavement. You cannot relive this exact run so just enjoy these miles and the world around you!


Think about Time Management for the Day

, I often am amazed at all that gets accomplished in one of my days but I promise you most of this is sorted out over a run. I reflect on managing my time, make plans and think of how to squeeze it all in while I run!


Plan out Your Next Run

human action, sports, jogging, running, physical exercise, Make plans for your very next run while you are running. Think about the course you will run next and put it on the calendar. Running should be an appointment on your calendar that is written in pen not pencil so you can erase it. It is important to prioritize your health and fitness so you can live the life you deserve!

So on your next run, use the time to multitask and make the most of every strike of your foot. Pound the pavement with productivity, poise and purpose! Happy running to you and I hope to see you on the road!

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The only thing I think about when I'm running is how much I want to be at home on the couch with a chocolate bar.

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