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Did you know that there are certain positive thoughts for a better run? Yes, it is true. If you are in the right mindset, you can have a quicker run, feeling light on your feet. Thoughts of belief, dedication and even happiness can have you running faster and feeling better. This is one of the things Olympic runners swear by because it really does make a tremendous difference. So now that you are on the edge of your seat, dying to know more, here are the positive thoughts for a better run:

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It is a Beautiful Day

Whether the sun is shining bright or the rain is pouring down, look at the day for it is another beautiful day. Life is what you make of it so make today a great day. This tops the positive thoughts for a better run because this positive mindset sets the stage for the day.


I Am Happy to Be Me

Instead of staring at the girl in the magazine and wishing you were her, start loving what you've got. If you learn to love yourself and be happy, you will find yourself running stronger, longer and feeling great! A happy state of mind can make a big impact on your running.


This is Easy

Running 21 marathons, I have had many thoughts from elation to disbelief. In all the races that I believed in myself I noticed one big thing, I actually ran better. And in the races when I counted down the miles I had left or I started to feel disbelief, my running time suffered. So tell yourself this is easy even if you have 24 more miles to go. If you get in this mindset you will have a much better run.


I do This for Me and My Family

When I go out for a long run in the early hours of the morning, I often remind myself that this run is not only for me, but for the betterment of my health and for my family. As a runner you will have more energy for your children, be physically and mentally healthier for them, along with being a great role model.


Look How Far I Have Come

Whether you have run for 10 days or 10 years, look at how far you have come. You are a runner because you choose to be and running is not easy but it is well worth your efforts. So commend yourself for your progress and look forward to a continued running future.


I Am an Amazing Runner

Whether you run a 6 minute mile, an 11 minute mile or somewhere in between, you are an amazing runner. If you get out and push yourself to have a great run, time is not as important as just making the choice. So be proud of yourself and relish in your accomplishments for just getting out there. A runner is a title not determined by pace but it becomes a lifelong title with passion.


I Can do Anything

Look at your life in your running accomplishments and know that you can do anything. You set out on a goal and you accomplished it because you believed. Realize that you can do anything and make sure you remember this on your run when your legs hurt, your body is tired and you are debating running another step. Believe and you will run many miles!

Hope that you have enjoyed these positive thoughts that I have shared with you. And hope this helps you to get in the right mindset to have your very bests runs. Tell me, what are your positive thoughts that help you have a great run?

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