5 Phenomenal Female Runners to Follow on Instagram ASAP ...

If you are someone who enjoys an occasional run every now and then, you will know exactly how important it is to have the motivation and inspiration to keep going. Running is definitely addictive, but that doesnโ€™t mean that you donโ€™t need to keep topping yourself up with amazing content to give you that maintained feeling of enthusiasm for the exercise. Luckily, Instagram is the perfect place for this kind of thing. There are more health and fitness influencers on there than you can count on a thousand hands! Here are five phenomenal female runners to follow on Instagram.

1. Amy Lane (@wellness_ed)

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Amy is a digital editor for Womenโ€™s Health, alongside being an ambassador for Lululemon. As is the fashion, she recently launched her own running podcast called Well Far, about all the training she is doing for the upcoming Paris marathon. Her Instagram is as inspiring as you would imagine, and she offers plenty of tips for runner of all difficulty and experience levels.

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