7 of the Best Running Stories That Will Inspire You ...


As a certified trainer and running enthusiast, I have some of the best running stories that will inspire you. I have trained many non-runners to be great runners, and I've also helped many clients to use running as a method to lose weight and transform their bodies. With hard work in running training and dedication, your results can be just as astounding! Here are a few of the best running stories that will inspire you:

1. Zero to a Hundred

Several years ago at a running race, I was approached by another runner asking for me to become his running trainer. At this time he ran a 5k in 23 minutes but he had a goal of running under 20 minutes. In just over a year of training, I worked with him to help bring his time down to just over 18 minutes. The results were astounding, and they show that with hard work anything is possible. This is one of the best running stories because the transformation of time was amazing!

Weight Loss Runner
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