7 of the Best 5ks to Run at Least Once in Your Lifetime ...


Traveling across the world in search of the best 5ks to run at least once in your lifetime? Then check out this list of 5ks you are bound to love. There are exciting, challenging and a fun way to stay motivated towards your fitness and health goals. So grab a group of friends and register for this list of the best 5ks to run at least once in your life:

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Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash Warrior Dash is one of the best 5ks to run. This original mud run is for all fitness levels because this 5k obstacle course has optional obstacles, meaning if you cannot do an obstacle, you can skip it. And if you skip an obstacle you can still go on, whereas some other obstacle courses disqualify you if you cannot complete one. For someone looking to try something new and change gears to break out of their comfort zone, the Warrior Dash is one of the 5ks to run.


Jingle Bell Run

Jingle Bell Run Want to run the largest holiday run jingling and jangling? Then run the largest holiday run in your area, the Jingle Bell Run. This race is put on in every state nationwide, usually on the first weekend of December. All participants are given bells to put on their shoes. The Jingle Bell Run is a 5k race to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. This charity race is something you should definitely try at least once in your lifetime.


A Turkey Trot

A Turkey Trot Turkey trots are races on Thanksgiving Day. These runs are put on worldwide and usually benefit a charity. I like running turkey trot races because, despite the indulgence of the holiday, you feel so much better knowing you got a great workout and you also get to say Happy Thanksgiving to a bunch of fellow runners. This is for all ages and fitness levels.


Color Run

Color Run The Color Run is a worldwide 5k race where you begin in a white shirt and finish in all different colors. Participants are doused in color powders at each kilometer point. This race supports global issues such as ending poverty. Get out and try something new by registering for a Color Run in your area.


Electric Run

Electric Run Run in the darkness with glow necklaces, a glow headband and even glow wristbands! You will reach seven landings where you can stop and dance, there will be lights and lots of electric music. This 5k race is like a run and dance party combined in one, so this should definitely be on your bucket list of things to do. In every city this race is held, a different charity is selected to raise money for.


Spartan Sprints

Spartan Sprints Get out of your comfort zone and feel like you are in the military for the day with a Spartan race. This 5k race has 15 challenging obstacles that really make you think and work your body. This is a great race to test yourself and something you should definitely run at least once in your lifetime! This is a more advanced racing, with a 3-4 week minimum of training recommended.


Bad Prom 5k

Bad Prom 5k Run in the worst prom dress yet, with poufy bright dresses and all your friends. This is a chance for you to wear your prom dress or bridesmaid dress in a hilariously funny fitness way. I thought the name of this race sounded silly until I researched it and it sounds like a lot of fun.

Hope you have the opportunity to try these 5k races at least once in your lifetime. What is your favorite 5k race and why?

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I would love to try the infamous 'Zombie Run' 5Km - being chased by zombies would definatly improve my time!

I think you mean Run or Dye instead of the colour run :)

There's also a black light run that seems awesome!!

I want to do the Military run, it sounds so fun and like such a challenge! I am defiantly adding it to my bucket list!

Oh, there is also a foam and a glow foam run!! I am so not a runner, but I plan on doing all of these 5ks :)

Jenna...both companies have a similar run. The color run was the original

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