9 Must-Have Pieces of Running Gear for Summer ...

When I search out running gear for summer, I look for items that will help me perform to the highest possible level despite the weather. I have compiled all of the latest pieces of running gear for summer just for you, so that you can run this summer with ease. Each season brings different needs as far as running gear is concerned, and for summer you need to adjust to the temperature and sun. There is no reason you can’t run in the summer if you have the right equipment (and sunscreen!), so make sure you have most of these pieces and you will be running in the heat in no time!

1. Soleus GPS Watch

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The summer is a time when most runners will want to incorporate some speed work into their training plans. The good news is that there won’t be any snow, ice, or other dangerous winter obstacles, but the bad news is that it’s hot in the summer. You can still get those speed sessions in during the cooler parts of the day though. A GPS running watch is essential to these training sessions, and if you increase mileage during the summer it will help you pace your long runs. I recommend Soleus GPS running watches because they are great quality and a little bit more affordable than other GPS watches. They are water resistant and light up in the dark, which makes them a great piece of running gear for summer.

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