8 Motivating Health Benefits of Running ...


8 Motivating Health Benefits of Running ...
8 Motivating Health Benefits of Running ...

Everyone knows there are health benefits of running – after all, we wouldn’t put ourselves through this if we weren’t gaining, right?! It’s all too easy to focus on that slimmer waist or those scale numbers, though, and forget all about the real changes that we are making right now. If you need a little inspiration to hit the tarmac today, here are some of the best health benefits of running – they’ll get you moving!

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It Boosts Mental Health…

One of the best health benefits of running is it’s effect on the mood. Regular running has been proven to lift the mood and build confidence and self-esteem. It’s even used as a treatment for mild depression. Just think, you might be lacking motivation right now, but once you’ve got your legs pumping you’ll be giving yourself a burst of happiness. So tie up those trainers!



Running regularly is taxing on the bones and muscles, which is actually a good thing. It stimulates your bones, causing them to repair and remain strong, and prevents age-related weakening. That means your chances of suffering from osteoporosis are much, much lower. Win.



There have been a number of studies carried out on running and sleep, and all of them show that runners sleep for longer, and find falling asleep much easier. The effect even lasts on rest days, when the runner hasn’t exercised.



Running is also proven to help you to fight stress. Yep, that’s right – if you can maintain a regular running schedule, you’ll find it much easier to deal with lifes stresses and strains, and feel a lot more serene. That has the added benefit of reducing cortisol levels, a chemical that is proven to cause fat to collect around the stomach, and is usually released when the body feels stressed.


Weight Loss…

Yes, it had to be here somewhere! If you run for an hour, you’ll burn an average of 1000 calories. That’s amazing! Regular running is great for losing weight and getting yourself into shape, and as you train, you’ll sculpt your muscles and improve your top speed.


Heart Health…

Running is one of the top ways to get your heart pumping, and keep it healthy. You’ll improve circulation around your body, which tends to deteriorate with age, and reduce the risk of suffering from a heart attack, stroke or high blood pressure. Heart health is really important, so keeping yours in good shape is well worth the energy.


Immune System…

Even your immune system gets a healthy boost from running. Runners generally boost their immune systems easily, and that means you’ll suffer from a lot less – including colds, allergies, fatigue, backache, digestive disorders and even menstrual issues. You’ll save a fortune on medication!



Another one of the great health benefits of running – your complexion will get better. Running stimulates the complexion, improving how quickly and efficiently nutrients are carried around the body, and speeding up the removal of toxins. You’ll see this with clearer skin, and that glow that only runners have.

That’s not all the health benefits of running, either. Studies have shown that runners tend to be less anxious than those who don’t run, and that running can even boost your brain flow and make you perform better at work. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and give it your everything!

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I agree! My complexion has continued to remain clear since I started running again in July! Is a stress reliever as well

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