Run to Lose Weight with These Essential Strategies ...


Want to know the strategies of running to lose weight? If you want to lose weight, one of the most effective ways to burn calories is running. But why is it at a running race, there are people of all shapes and sizes? What is the difference between the shapes, other than genetics? As a certified running coach, I have learned what works and does not for countless lives, and now I am here to help you! Here are the strategies of running to lose weight:

1. Healthy Eating is a Key Ingredient

One of the key strategies of running to lose weight is to eat healthy. If you make healthier food choices, eat more fruits and veggies and avoid processed foods, you will lose weight inevitably. Add all the calories you expend from running and it is a win, win, or I should say lose, lose because the pounds will melt away!

Prepare a Training Schedule
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