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Want to know the strategies of running to lose weight? If you want to lose weight, one of the most effective ways to burn calories is running. But why is it at a running race, there are people of all shapes and sizes? What is the difference between the shapes, other than genetics? As a certified running coach, I have learned what works and does not for countless lives, and now I am here to help you! Here are the strategies of running to lose weight:

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Healthy Eating is a Key Ingredient

One of the key strategies of running to lose weight is to eat healthy. If you make healthier food choices, eat more fruits and veggies and avoid processed foods, you will lose weight inevitably. Add all the calories you expend from running and it is a win, win, or I should say lose, lose because the pounds will melt away!


Prepare a Training Schedule

To make the most out of your training and achieve your weight loss goals from running, set out a regular running schedule. Try to run at the same time and get on a regular schedule so it becomes part of your life, like brushing your teeth! And before you know it, you may even crave your daily run.


Run Often

The more often you run, the more calories you will burn. The average 135 pound woman burns 100 calories a mile running, so this ranks as one of the highest calorie burning exercises. Aim for 4-6 days a week and as you get stronger, building your endurance, go longer! Remember, the more miles you run, the more calories you expend and every step you take is a step closer to your goal.


Vary Your Running Workouts

Switch up your running routes and change up the terrain if you like. You can add in trails, track and even some cross country. You will challenge your body and mind as you burn calories to help you to achieve your weight loss goal. Make sure you add some hill runs as well, to put your body to the test!


Cross Train

If you want to meet your weight loss goals from running, make sure you also add some cross training to work a full range of muscles, while preventing an injury. Add some sets of lunges, squats, leg lifts and upper body weight resistance training. These exercises will also help to build muscle, metabolically active tissue that can help you to lose weight!


Meet Running Friends

If you want to lose weight from running, do not just make it about the weight, focus on bettering your health and even becoming more social. Join a local running club with people with similar goals and work with new friends so you can support and push one another!


Stay Positive and Have Fun

Stay positive and have fun. Running can be a very empowering individual sport that may help you to see the strength you did not even know you had. So push yourself, find your inner strength and have fun in the process. As you run to lose weight, you may find that you learn to love this sport through this great journey!

So are you ready to run to lose weight, love yourself and attain goals you never thought possible? Then get out for some fun while you run!

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I just joined a running club no fee no commitment I'm learning a lot , burning fat and having fun

Nice article

Thanks for the tip! I absolutely hate running but need to log 50 miles to qualify for my black belt.

The only thing i need is motivation!!! Who wants to help with that???

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