7 Important Reasons to Run Every Day ...


There are so many reasons to run every day, it is hard to pinpoint the ones that are the best! As someone who works from home, I find that running is a great way to escape the four walls of my house. Without it, I am pretty sure my lungs would go stale and my mind a little loopy. As I said, there are multiple reasons to run every day, but here are some of my favorites.

1. It is a Risk Factor Busting Exercise

Being a woman is no easy ride. With breast cancer, high heart disease risks post-menopause, and diabetes looming over us, we need to do something to get our bodies straight. Running reduces the risk of all of these. This is mainly because it helps you lose weight, and being overweight is a risk factor for all of those diseases! In addition to this, your arteries get a good workout as your heart pumps, which primes them for the future. Out of all of the reasons to run every day, this has to be the best!

You Can Lose Weight at Your Own Pace
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