How to Finish a Race without Losing Your Wind – or Your Mind ...

Signing up for a race is a great thing! You’ll burn calories and get in shape while you train and the satisfaction of crossing the finish line on race day is something that simply can’t be beat. Crossing that finish line in the first place can be a difficult thing to do, so having some tools in your arsenal can really help. Here are some really cool and easy things you can do to get there without feeling like you’re going to die, courtesy of Shape magazine.

1. Slap on a Pair of Sunglasses

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When you’re running on a sunny day without your sunglasses, you’ll probably be spending a lot time squinting, which causes tension in your face. That tension often moves down into your shoulders and arm. This can interfere with your running form and waste your energy, leading to fatigue before the race is over. Wearing a pair of shades is a totally easy way to prevent this issue.

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