How to Smell Fresh after a Run for People Who Don't Have Time to Shower ...


How to Smell Fresh after a Run for People Who Don't Have Time to Shower ...
How to Smell Fresh after a Run for People Who Don't Have Time to Shower ...

Running is an awesome form of exercise. You get to be outside, you’re burning tons of calories, and you’re also toning your muscles at the same time. We all know that getting all hot and sweaty during a run isn’t always good for your body scent. If you want to keep up with your running routine, but still want to smell fresh afterward, you need to read this list. Here’s everything you’ve ever needed to smell lovely, even if you just got done running.

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Try Using Baby Wipes to Get Rid of the Sweat

Baby wipes are perfect for quick clean-ups when you can’t hit the shower. You can wipe away all the sweat and the little bit of soap in the wipes helps remove germs and odor. Scented wipes leave behind a nice smell too. Carry a little container of baby wipes in your workout bag and you’ll be smelling fresh in no time.


Spritz on Some Body Spray

There are tons and tons of really great body sprays out there. In a pinch, they can mask sweaty odor and give you a fresh scent for the next couple of hours. I like grapefruit or lime because they are super refreshing and are strong enough to cover up your running smell, but not so strong that people know you’re coming from a mile away.


Body sprays are a great option for runners who don’t have time to shower after a run. There are a variety of body sprays available, so it’s important to choose one that is strong enough to mask sweat odors but not so overpowering that it can be smelled from a mile away. Grapefruit or lime body sprays are a great option because they are both refreshing and strong enough to cover up sweat odor.

Body sprays should be applied to the pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears. This will help the scent last longer and ensure that it is evenly distributed. Applying body spray to areas with more blood flow will also help the scent to linger longer.

Body sprays are not a substitute for showering, however. They can help to mask post-run sweat odor, but they will not remove sweat and other body oils from the skin. It is important to shower as soon as possible after a run in order to prevent bacteria from building up and causing body odor.


Pile on Some Extra Antiperspirant before You Go out for Your Run

Antiperspirant is great because it helps mask odor, but it also helps keep you from sweating. Make sure that you add some extra to your armpits, groin and feet before you hit the pavement. That way, you cut down on how much you sweat while also helping to cover up that sweaty smell that occurs after a good workout.


Try Using Boric Acid Where You Sweat

Some health experts suggest applying boric acid to places on your body that tend to sweat a lot. You should do this just after a shower, so you’re ready for your next run, but don’t use too much, as it can irritate your skin. Boric acid helps kill the bacteria that causes sweat to smell bad, cutting down on the odor of your body after a run. If you have skin issues, be sure to talk with your dermatologist before trying boric acid.


When applying boric acid, gently pat it onto those sweat-prone areas rather than rubbing it in to minimize skin irritation. Keep in mind that this method should be an occasional alternative to deodorants, not a daily routine. Safety is key—boric acid must be used sparingly and never on broken skin. For those with sensitive skin or existing conditions, alternative solutions may be more suitable to feel fresh without risking discomfort or a reaction. Always prioritize your skin's health and consult with a professional if in doubt.


Cut Back on Garlic and Onions in Your Diet

Doctors say that people who eat a lot of garlic and onions tend to smell much stronger when they sweat. If you’re planning a run for tomorrow morning, skip the Italian food tonight and you may notice less of the stench. Other foods can also cause stinkier sweat so pay attention to what you’ve eaten if you notice that you have a stronger smell on some days and not on others.


Try Eating a Healthier Diet

Just like certain foods can make you smell stronger, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet helps your body function optimally so that your sweat glands work properly. This isn’t a magical cure, but it certainly helps as you try to cut back on the stink.


Finally – I’m Saying It – Take a Shower

This one is pretty much a no-brainer. If you have time and access to a shower after your run, hop in for 5 minutes and rinse all the sweat and stink off your body. Wash with a good body soap to kill bacteria and create a fresh scent. Easy enough, right?

Are you a runner? What are your secrets for staying fresh and smelling great?

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Yeah, just take a shower already! Don't mask your scent-get rid of it!

Thank you, Eliza. Your tips helped me to stay fresh after a run :-)

Before running I always take a shower , use my body cream ( a simple one ) and of course the parfume :) and after 30 minutes of treadmill and a lot of sweat i still smell good :) I wasn't really coscient about this but the others tells me that i really smell good even after 2 hours of workout :) i suggest you to the same :) :)

Or bring a water bottle to take a whore bath.

I think there is one just main tip in order to stay fresh which is, Take a shower! XD

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