Handy Products for Keeping Your Stuff Secure While You Run ...

If you’re a runner, chances are you’ve struggled with figuring out a way to keep your things with you, and safe, while you're running. That sandwich baggie in your running bra holds your iPhone just fine, I suppose, but it can’t be comfortable for very long – let’s not even talk about chafing. If you want a secure place to keep your ID and keys while you run, without the risk of boob sweat or trainer-stink, I’ve got a few ideas. Here are a few clever ways to keep your personal belongings safe while you run (or work out).

1. PDO Sportee IPhone Armband

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Most of us can’t run without our music playing, and without knowing exactly how fast, to the second, we finished that last mile – so we bring our iPhones with us. This handy armband will hold and keep secure your iPhone and your ID, charge card, cash, and whatever else you might want to bring. I love this one because the band itself is comfy and it fits – most are far too big for my twiggy arms, and they slip off. And look! It’s pink! I love pink!

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