7 Great Runs That Will Make Your Day ...

By Tara

As a lifelong runner beginning at the young age of seven, I have so many great runs that you will be sure to love and see great results from. And my legs and lungs have plenty of experience logging over two thousand miles a year, and still finishing every mile with a smile! By switching up your runs you will eliminate boredom and continually challenge yourself to great results. Here are some great runs you will enjoy.

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The Hill Repeat Run

I enjoy running hill repeats because of the great feeling of accomplishment that you feel when you get to the top of the hill. It is a total rush. Hill repeats are also great because they target your hamstrings and glutes (butt). This is one of my great runs because hill repeats are fun and they really work your body!


The Trail Run

I enjoy trail running because it includes beautiful scenery, it's easier on the joints and it's a great way to switch up your runs. Look for a local trail and map out a run! Some trails you may run by horse farms and rivers, all beautiful and scenic for you to enjoy!


The Beach Run

I enjoy running on the beach when on vacation because it is so challenging and more cushion for your body. I prefer running on more packed sand so it is more stable. Go to a local beach and do a timed run to challenge yourself. This is great fun and you can catch some rays while you are at it!


The Social Run

Looking for a social work out to enjoy with a friend? Then go for a moderate pace run with a friend so you can chat together while the miles fly by. The social run is a great way to enjoy a great workout while releasing your stress and socializing with a friend. I occasionally run with a friend for a social run and it is a great therapy!


The 5k Run

Running a 5k (3.1 miles) is a great middle distance run to push yourself to the limit. You can run a local 5k to raise funds for a charity or map out your own course and run anytime! Have a great 5k!

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The Distance Run

Challenge yourself to run farther today by running a distance run! By running farther you will have a new personal accomplishment and you will feel great. The farthest I have run is 30 miles and it was a amazing feeling that I could even complete a distance so far!


The Easy Run

Forget the pace and take it easy today on a relaxing run. The easy run is a slow pace taking the sights in and enjoying the day. You can run this with or without a watch but whatever you do make sure that pace is not your focus. This run will remind you that running is not just about pace but your own personal hobby that betters your physical and mental health!

Hope you enjoy my list of great runs that make your day even better. Just keep up your running, stay focused and remember there is nothing you cannot do. Just put in the hard work and training so you can take the steps into attaining your goal. Are you ready to run some of my great runs?

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Thank you for an inspiring article with all these great ideas :) I will try to read them again to figure out what works best for me as I am considering beginning running but I have been injured for sometime since November 12 spraining both my ankles from time to time last this June. It still pretty much aches bit I am hoping that I can begin to run so I can gain all the amazing benefits that comes of it. :)

I wish somebody could tell me where that picture of the trail was taken...

I love running, and it's fun when someone comes with me. But with the summer it's often too hot in the morning, and in the evening it's harder for me to find the time and energy.