8 Great Running Programs for Kids ...


Running programs for adults are very different from running programs for kids, so if you want to get your little ones running, donโ€™t just add them to your program, find one thatโ€™s made just for them! There are so many marvelous running programs for kids, it may be overwhelming to narrow the field to just the one program that will be inspiring, motivating, and most of all, fun! Iโ€™ve scoured the internet and running magazines to find just the right running program for Sophie, my little runner-in-training, and Iโ€™d love to share what Iโ€™ve found. So get your mini-runner fitted for a pair of running shoes, grab a water bottle, and letโ€™s go!

1. Kids Run the Nation

Info at: rrca.org

Most running programs for kids are organized at the school level, for ease of access, of course, and Kids Run the Nation is no different. Itโ€™s the young-people version of the popular adult running club, the Road Runners Club of America, and since 1986, itโ€™s been focused on helping kids meet the daily and weekly fitness recommendations outlined by the USDA. The goal of Kids Run the Nation is to have a running club or program installed in every grade school across the Statesโ€ฆ very ambitious!

Girls on the Run
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