7 Exercises to Give You a Super Sexy Running Body ...

Want to know the exercises for a sexy running body? As you notice the strong, powerful legs of the woman running by, you may dream of having this masterpiece body one day too. Running bodies can be downright smoking hot! But if you are unable to run due to medical reasons or lacking the time to train for anything other than short distance, is it even possible to achieve a true runner’s body? A runner’s body is usually lean, strong and sculpted because running is a body weight exercise that requires a lot of energy. It is not easy propelling your entire body weight across the pavement for many miles (or even one) but it is well worth the effort. You may even find you love running as I do! So let’s get started with these exercises for a sexy running body:

1. One Leg Squat

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For sculpted quads that most runners have and a really stronger lower body, perform 3 sets of 18 one leg squats 3 days a week. Get as low as you can and aim for getting in a seated position with weight on one heel while the other leg is raised. This is surely one of the best exercises for a sexy running body because it isolates the larger muscle groups of each leg individually!

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